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Will Dogecoin Be the Next Bitcoin? Or Maybe Something Better

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[Daily Finance] Will Dogecoin Be the Next Bitcoin? Or Maybe Something Better

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Will Dogecoin Be the Next Bitcoin? Or Maybe Something Better

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Dogecoin will be the next bitcoin

This isn't going to be easy but we can do it. Three easy steps.
  1. Find every youtuber that posts about stocks and flood their comment sections with dogecoin memes and dogecoin content. (Do this until they post video's about them). These people will do anything for views. most will claim its a pump and dumb but a large portion of there audience will view the stock anyways and think "10 dollars wont hurt".
  2. find every billionaires Instagram, twitter, tik tok whatever it is and do the same comment section flood it with dogecoin. these people are surrounded by yes men and women and since most of these people cant help them self's when it comes to risk taking. They will consider it and possibly post something about it. Which will trickle down upon there yes men into buy doge coin.
  3. Be relentless.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 83 - Such Memories II

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
A while back I'd started this timeline to get our book off the ground - originally, it was going to be put to a community vote, but the timing and such was just too big an effort. So the book is now going to be, essentially, a timeline - starting at Day 1 and chronicling as much as possible of what happened in that first 100 Days.
Now, here's the thing: I've since taken a lot on my plate, both in personal life and on this sub -- lots of amazing things in the works, but I need your help.
Here is a timeline that you all helped me put together a while back, it covers most of the major events that happened within the first 100 Days.
The raw data is there, the 'things that happened' are there, but I've been manually tracking down dates and times on my own in my spare time.
Sadly, I don't have a lot of spare time lately and I don't want to let this project go.
So, I need to ask you for your help!
Could I please get you all - especially you older Shibes who've been here since the beginning - to help me find the original dates and times of the events listed on the timeline?
Just post it in the comments and I'll update it as we go.
Once I get the timeline done then I'll be able to finish the book and, hopefully, have that out for you soon ;D)
Oh, and yes, we're definitely still looking for Dogecoin-themed art to add to the book as well - we're going to need as much of it as we can get! I can't pay you, but you'll be fully credited and will get a link to your website/gallery in both the e-book and printed copies.
If you're interested, please, let me know!
In the News
Some good reading that you might've missed, if you're interested:
It's 7:54AM EST and we're at 65.69% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is slightly up from ~70 to ~71 GigaHashes per second and our Difficulty is bouncing between ~824 and ~1376.
Get out there and mine, my friends. Keep that Global hashrate up and the DOGEs flowing into your hands.
As always, I appreciate your support!
EDIT: Congrats to DogeLearnedBeg whose idea to group-buy some ASICs for the Dogecoin Foundation (to help consolidate hashpower within the community) was voted to the top with a record 58 votes. The ACTION/organization thread can be found here.
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MasonEyewear.com will not only be accepting bitcoin, but we've decided to switch our payment gateway in next 48 hours to to GoCoin, and accept dogecoin + bitcoin, and litecoin, we're going to keep all crypto and not sell to the US. We're also trying to get our suppliers to take BTC as well.

MasonEyewear.com will not only be accepting bitcoin, but we've decided to switch our payment gateway in next 48 hours to to GoCoin, and accept dogecoin + bitcoin, and litecoin, we're going to keep all crypto and not sell to the US. We're also trying to get our suppliers to take BTC as well. submitted by masoneyewear to dogecoin [link] [comments]

2nd worst ROI from CMC Top 50 coins...Wow

Reviewing the top 50 cryptos as of 09/15/2020 revealed some interesting items to note. Of the 50, only 7 have negative ROI. Algorand has the second highest only to be bested by ZCash.
Bitcoin ROI 7,877.04%
Ethereum ROI 9000%
Tether ROI 0.08%
XRP ROI 4,069.93%
Polkadot ROI 87.20%
Bitcoin Cash ROI -57.41%
Binance Coin ROI 9000%
Chainlink ROI 7,138.70%
Crypto.com Coin ROI 753.54%
Litecoin ROI 1,038.67%
Bitcoin SV ROI 86.21%
Cardano ROI 335.74%
EOS ROI 163.89%
TRON ROI 1,282.96%
USD Coin ROI -0.33%
Tezos ROI 440.90%
Stellar ROI 2,560.94%
Stellar ROI 2,560.94%
Monero ROI 3,532.85%
Neo ROI 9000%
yearn.finance ROI 3,411.23%
NEM ROI 9000%
Huobi Token ROI 221.13%
Cosmos ROI -22.64%
UMA ROI 1,023.37%
VeChain ROI -14.13%
Aave ROI 3,941.56%
IOTA ROI 9000%
Dash ROI 9000%
Dai ROI 2.57%
Wrapped Bitcoin ROI 208.08%
Ethereum Classic ROI 593.27%
Zcash ROI -98.60%
Ontology ROI -68.73%
OMG Network ROI 568.78%
TrueUSD ROI 0.12%
Maker ROI 1,982.73%
THETA ROI 242.81%
Synthetix Network Token ROI 942.33%
Compound ROI 55.26%
Algorand ROI -89.10%
OKB ROI 288.81%
FTX Token ROI 284.56%
Basic Attention Token ROI 46.2%
Dogecoin ROI 403.98%
Kusama ROI 2,271.36%
BitTorrent ROI 181.38%
0x ROI 300.37%
Celo ROI 211.42%
NXM ROI 515.36%
What does this say? To me, it says that this coin was not only overhyped, it was and is completely overvalued as of this date. It has a near -90% ROI. In my opinion, that means early investors didn’t get what they were expecting, the pre-ICO team was way off base, and the valuation was done by persons inexperienced with the crypto space. It’s hard to see how the miss could have been so far off.
77% (approx.) of eligible buyers took advantage of the early refund process. This says a lot about confidence of returns. The auction schedule has changed which now favors early backers/relay nodes in a questionable manner. And there is no information as to the next auction which leaves relay nodes as one of the few mechanisms by which large amounts of coins are introduced into the market.
Billions of coins still need to enter the market and the process is to hold off on auctions and allow relay nodes and founders to stabilize the price via timing of the introduction of coins. In short, managed demand for a product that does not have the retail demand to move the price to near introduction price.
Wrapped Bitcoin had a 6 month head start and an almost 300% difference in ROI. as far as Zcash, we won’t go there. But it is interesting to note that it uses some of Micali’s work and Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn did reference prior works by Micali re: the Goldwasser-Micali-Rivest Signature Scheme.
I may have to amend my prediction of ETH displacement by several years since it’s very unclear now as to when all coins will be in the market. Think about it, would you invest in a 401k that had a ROI of near -90% ? This isn’t FUD. Where most coins provided a reasonable valuation, Algorand for some odd reason had this ridiculous valuation which exposes the inexperience relative to the crypto space. “Let’s hire some folks, tell them what we FEEL it’s worth, and get some people to market it. Oops looks like we seriously overvalued this thing.”
Schedule the auctions back to the original timeline. Let the price be dictated by the market as it needs to be. This will generate the needed demand and the price/valuation will be corrected by market forces and not a select group. Sure some will lose, but some will gain in the sell off. There is no way to moon if a select group regulates the influx of coins without a competing mechanism.
This is not financial advice. Do your own research. This post is for entertainment purposes only.
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[Winner's Thread #54] What a day

Hey everyone,
I’m sorry if my post is a little later than what they are supposed to be, I’ve been helping my younger siblings throw a surprise birthday party for my dad today and that’s apparently a lot harder than I originally anticipated.
My name is Mike, I’m 18 years old and I live in the US. I’m not super familiar with this sub, I Found it a few months ago when one of the other monthly drawing posts made the front page and I thought it was cool. I ended up commenting on the last drawing mostly on a whim. Well, I forgot I made a comment on the post until the next day, as I ended up waking up to like 50 different messages all saying congrats. I was super confused at first, until I actually went through the messages and saw that I had won.
I was really excited when I found out I won, and I’m still messaging everyone who messaged me thanks so sorry if I haven’t gotten to you yet. I’m studying to get a degree in biomedical engineering and I’ve just finished my first year of college. I’m still debating if I want to go to med school or not, but I figured I have about another year to decide for sure. I’m not sure how much the winners typically get; however, any amount you give will be greatly appreciated. The plan is to put this all towards my schooling, as student loans suck and I am already tired of them lol.
Other information about myself: I’m the oldest of my siblings, I have a younger sister and brother. Both of my parents are still working, so I’m watching my younger siblings and helping them with school work and whatnot. English was my worst subject in school, so sorry for the shabby essay. Thank you all again for your donations.
Everything listed should result in direct lines of payment to M_epps01. We ask all users to donate at least $1 USD. The Drawing is also listed for users who want to see the results and confirm the validity of the winner.
Drawing: https://old.reddit.com/millionairemakers/comments/glf4ie/draw\_53/
PayPal: PayPal.Me/mepps01
Venmo: Mike-Epps-13
Square Cash: $mepps19
Bitcoin: 1Gy9fQWEhyUJ6PBn52ikJtwqtQfYFG3mqe
Ethereum: 0x703820d89aFb61E1b38D307F4ec1Ac51544e4E48
Litecoin: LLsSG3iHjiRxmVon9XFgQCDmEZQtDBRL4J
Dogecoin: D9hDp1gZv3BYnWVvxS75RDULzxCUWbnByX
Nano: nano_3hr51r1s47m8nnuw4zxs3aezpyukapq8g1cjipihesqofmozq4nwk3o6yksn
Edit 1: Someone asked for a bitcoin cash link, so here it is
Edit 2: Thank you all so much for the donations! A lot of people have asked for the total amount, and as of this edit it’s $3200.
Edit 3: Thanks everyone again for all the donations. They’ve finally slowed to only about one a day. The total is $3600, which is amazing! Thank you so much
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[Winner's Thread #53] All good things come to those who wait! Stay safe everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank millionairemakers for opportunity to participate in this drawings and I would like everyone to give me few minutes to read my story. Im really grateful for all of this.
Yesterday I was at my phone and suddenly got plenty of notifications on Reddit, when I oppened app I coudnt believe it. I was shocked, of course I never expected to win such a thing,but it happened,to me, in right time.
My name is Tin. Im student of Kinesiology (after this year I should get Bachelor's Degree) in Croatia. This year started really rought for me. Two months passed since I found out that my girlfriend of almost 7 years cheated on me, I writed a post and few comments on other subreddits, so if someone is intrested in my situation and wants to help, feel free to check. Since then, Im not the same. I lost self-confidence, I was suicidal, coudn't sleep or eat and maybe worst of all I didn't have someone to talk to. After that, the world was hit by a COVID-19 and like everyone else, I must stay at home with my thoughts without even going to college or walk outside with friend. But, enough about me, I wish you all to stay safe, take care of your family and help those who need it,we are all in this together!
When I found out that I won, I started shaking, maybe this is one of many good things that from now my life will get me. I'm not gonna lie, tears in my eyes started to come.
I'm really humble person, I dont need much in life,I will probably use some money to invest in me(to feel better in my own skin,some clothes maybe to get that self confidence I lost ☹ ) and rest of it will go to help others.
To be honest I don't know how much people get from this, but everything will help. I have saved some money and I always wanted to suprise my family with some car, maybe this is opportunity to dream come true. Also, since my mum and me sometimes volunteer at our local dogs shelter I want to suprise them with some food,toys, blankets,etc. Please take care of your loved ones, talk with them and show some love. Thank you all so much. This is great community and I'm looking foward to next winners in future months.Also big thanks for all help and instructions given by mod of this community u/lilfruini

Everything listed should result in direct lines of payment to Ultima98. We ask all users to donate at least $1 USD. The Drawing is also listed for users who want to see the results and confirm the validity of the winner.

Drawing: https://www.reddit.com/millionairemakers/comments/g404jh/draw_53/

Revolut: (@)tini5ibx

PayPal: paypal.me/Meskeee

Bitcoin: 17aoGjWdGqbwfcDRmaAmFSF9A2HrLCQd1c

Bitcoin Cash: qrvgr7vjds5tx0c0p7zv9mhv6z402d8c7qdjgmp49a

Ethereum: 0x6Fcb454836e1c4Ac68e39326924D1A7F84dB6535

Litecoin: LU6u2sysJgRe6EMEAwg1pbREa1NZ69oRdE

Dogecoin: DCFkwpJJnZaWhUJtA8dfU7jyqGy4pWzZNx

Nano: nano_15f9tq46ogy1tck4ox4x4md9nj6sm79ib7qei4ya7iozdpx6mr35j49g3ji6
EDIT 1:Its been 1 hour and this is blowing up,thank you all for help! Im shaking.Thank you u/shanecorry for biggest donation of 50$ for now. I dont know what other to say then I love you all <3

EDIT 2: Good morning everyone! Thank you for all tips, I will now try to answer all great messages I got from you. I still cant believe this is real. You are all great!
EDIT 3: I think I answered to all comments,thank you so much for doing this, this is great start.I wanna send special thank you for General-Clue for biggest tip for now, my brother send 100$!!!Thank you for that, you are really one in million person, wish you luck with everything in life.
For now I got almost 2000$ THANK YOU ALL FOR HELP
EDIT 4 22/4/2020. 11AMFor now, total of tips around all crypto and paypal is about 2100$
Everything I get from now on, I will donate to "Dogs shelter" and if I get enough I will like to donate to Suicide prevention organization , because of my situation this year, I would really like to help, so if someone want to drop some tip, I want you to know that its going into right hands. Take care everyone and Im glad that I can be part of this great community, Love you all!

EDIT 5 and 6 23/4/2020- 24/4/2020.
  1. Raised about 200$ more for donation! Thank you all once again!
  2. Raised about x<100$ more,total is about 2300$-2400$, Thank you once again, you are all awesome
EDIT 7 25/4/2020.
I just wanna thank community of nanocurrency for allowing me to post question on their site and for allowing me to be new part of their community. Mods/admins are really fast and detailed in their responds. I posted another update about my story there, so if everyone is intrested,go check it out. Thank you XRBeast for listening to me, you are really brother :)
EDIT 8 16/5/2020.
Wooooow. My phone again is about to blow up because of all donations again! Thank you so much for all! I got about 500$ more, so total for now is 3000$.
I wanna say thank you for each and every one of you for kind messages and being awesome people. Im so glad I can be part of this community.
Wish you all luck in next drawing. <3

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[ANN][ANDROID MINING][AIRDROP] NewEnglandcoin: Scrypt RandomSpike

New England
New England 6 States Songs: https://www.reddit.com/newengland/comments/er8wxd/new_england_6_states_songs/
Symbol: NENG
NewEnglandcoin is a clone of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm with enhanced features to protect against 51% attack and decentralize on mining to allow diversified mining rigs across CPUs, GPUs, ASICs and Android phones.
Mining Algorithm: Scrypt with RandomSpike. RandomSpike is 3rd generation of Dynamic Difficulty (DynDiff) algorithm on top of scrypt.
1 minute block targets base difficulty reset: every 1440 blocks subsidy halves in 2.1m blocks (~ 2 to 4 years) 84,000,000,000 total maximum NENG 20000 NENG per block Pre-mine: 1% - reserved for dev fund ICO: None RPCPort: 6376 Port: 6377
NewEnglandcoin has dogecoin like supply at 84 billion maximum NENG. This huge supply insures that NENG is suitable for retail transactions and daily use. The inflation schedule of NengEnglandcoin is actually identical to that of Litecoin. Bitcoin and Litecoin are already proven to be great long term store of value. The Litecoin-like NENG inflation schedule will make NewEnglandcoin ideal for long term investment appreciation as the supply is limited and capped at a fixed number
Bitcoin Fork - Suitable for Home Hobbyists
NewEnglandcoin core wallet continues to maintain version tag of "Satoshi v0.8.7.5" because NewEnglandcoin is very much an exact clone of bitcoin plus some mining feature changes with DynDiff algorithm. NewEnglandcoin is very suitable as lite version of bitcoin for educational purpose on desktop mining, full node running and bitcoin programming using bitcoin-json APIs.
The NewEnglandcoin (NENG) mining algorithm original upgrade ideas were mainly designed for decentralization of mining rigs on scrypt, which is same algo as litecoin/dogecoin. The way it is going now is that NENG is very suitable for bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin hobbyists who can not , will not spend huge money to run noisy ASIC/GPU mining equipments, but still want to mine NENG at home with quiet simple CPU/GPU or with a cheap ASIC like FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB or Apollo pod on solo mining setup to obtain very decent profitable results. NENG allows bitcoin litecoin hobbyists to experience full node running, solo mining, CPU/GPU/ASIC for a fun experience at home at cheap cost without breaking bank on equipment or electricity.
MIT Free Course - 23 lectures about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Finance (Fall,2018)
CPU Minable Coin Because of dynamic difficulty algorithm on top of scrypt, NewEnglandcoin is CPU Minable. Users can easily set up full node for mining at Home PC or Mac using our dedicated cheetah software.
Research on the first forked 50 blocks on v1.2.0 core confirmed that ASIC/GPU miners mined 66% of 50 blocks, CPU miners mined the remaining 34%.
NENG v1.4.0 release enabled CPU mining inside android phones.
Youtube Video Tutorial
How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in Windows 10 Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdOoPvAjzlE How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in Windows 10 Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHnRJvJRzZg
How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in macOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj7NLMeNSOQ
Decentralization and Community Driven NewEnglandcoin is a decentralized coin just like bitcoin. There is no boss on NewEnglandcoin. Nobody nor the dev owns NENG.
We know a coin is worth nothing if there is no backing from community. Therefore, we as dev do not intend to make decision on this coin solely by ourselves. It is our expectation that NewEnglandcoin community will make majority of decisions on direction of this coin from now on. We as dev merely view our-self as coin creater and technical support of this coin while providing NENG a permanent home at ShorelineCrypto Exchange.
Twitter Airdrop
Follow NENG twitter and receive 100,000 NENG on Twitter Airdrop to up to 1000 winners
Graphic Redesign Bounty
Top one award: 90.9 million NENG Top 10 Winners: 500,000 NENG / person Event Timing: March 25, 2019 - Present Event Address: NewEnglandcoin DISCORD at: https://discord.gg/UPeBwgs
Please complete above Twitter Bounty requirement first. Then follow Below Steps to qualify for the Bounty: (1) Required: submit your own designed NENG logo picture in gif, png jpg or any other common graphic file format into DISCORD "bounty-submission" board (2) Optional: submit a second graphic for logo or any other marketing purposes into "bounty-submission" board. (3) Complete below form.
Please limit your submission to no more than two total. Delete any wrongly submitted or undesired graphics in the board. Contact DISCORD u/honglu69#5911 or u/krypton#6139 if you have any issues.
Twitter Airdrop/Graphic Redesign bounty sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/L0vcwmVi8c76cR7m1
NENG v1.4.0 Android Mining, randomSpike Evaluation https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/download/NENG_2020_Q3_report/NENG_2020_Q3_report.pdf
RandomSpike - NENG core v1.3.0 Hardfork Upgrade Proposal https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/download/2020Q1_Report/Scrypt_RandomSpike_NENGv1.3.0_Hardfork_Proposal.pdf
NENG Security, Decentralization & Valuation
Whitepaper v1.0 https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/download/whitepaper_v1.0/NENG_WhitePaper.pdf
DISCORD https://discord.gg/UPeBwgs
http://www.findblocks.com/exploreNENG http://nengexplorer.mooo.com:3001/
Step by step guide on how to setup an explorer: https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/nengexplorer
Github https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin
Android with UserLand App (arm64/armhf), Chromebook (x64/arm64/armhf): https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/tag/v1.4.0.5
Linux Wallet (Ubuntu/Linux Mint, Debian/MX Linux, Arch/Manjaro, Fedora, openSUSE): https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/tag/v1.4.0.3
MacOS Wallet (10.11 El Capitan or higher): https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/tag/v1.4.0.2
Android with GNUroot on 32 bits old Phones (alpha release) wallet: https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/tag/v1.4.0
Windows wallet: https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/NewEnglandCoin/releases/tag/v1.3.0.1
addnode ip address for the wallet to sync faster, frequently updated conf file: https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/cheetah_cpumineblob/mastenewenglandcoin.conf-example
How to Sync Full Node Desktop Wallet https://www.reddit.com/NewEnglandCoin/comments/er6f0q/how_to_sync_full_node_desktop_wallet/
TWITTER https://twitter.com/newenglandcoin
REDDIT https://www.reddit.com/NewEnglandCoin/
Cheetah CPU Miner Software https://github.com/ShorelineCrypto/cheetah_cpuminer
Solo Mining with GPU or ASIC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg52187727#msg52187727
How to Run Two Full Node in Same Desktop PC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg53581449#msg53581449
ASIC/GPU Mining Pools Warning to Big ASIC Miners Due to DynDiff Algo on top of Scrypt, solo mining is recommended for ASIC/GPU miners. Further more, even for mining pools, small mining pool will generate better performance than big NENG mining pool because of new algo v1.2.x post hard fork.
The set up configuration of NENG for scrypt pool mining is same as a typical normal scrypt coin. In other word, DynDiff on Scrypt algo is backward compatible with Scrypt algo. Because ASIC/GPU miners rely on CPU miners for smooth blockchain movement, checkout bottom of "Latest News" section for A WARNING to All ASIC miners before you decide to dump big ASIC hash rate into NENG mining.
(1) Original DynDiff Warning: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48324708#msg48324708 (2) New Warning on RandomSpike Spike difficulty (244k) introduced in RandomSpike served as roadblocks to instant mining and provide security against 51% attack risk. However, this spike difficulty like a roadblock that makes big ASIC mining less profitable. In case of spike block to be mined, the spike difficulty immediately serve as base difficulty, which will block GPU/ASIC miners effectively and leave CPU cheetah solo miners dominating mining almost 100% until next base difficulty reset.
FindBlocks http://findblocks.com/
CRpool http://crpool.xyz/
Cminors' Pool http://newenglandcoin.cminors-pool.com/
SPOOL https://spools.online/
Features: anonymous sign up and trading. No restriction or limit on deposit or withdraw.
The trading pairs available: NewEnglandcoin (NENG) / Dogecoin (DOGE)
Trading commission: A round trip trading will incur 0.10% trading fees in average. Fees are paid only on buyer side. buy fee: 0.2% / sell fee: 0% Deposit fees: free for all coins Withdraw fees: ZERO per withdraw. Mining fees are appointed by each coin blockchain. To cover the blockchain mining fees, there is minimum balance per coin per account: * Dogecoin 2 DOGE * NewEnglandcoin 1 NENG
Latest News Aug 30, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.5 Released for Android/Chromebook Upgrade with armhf, better hardware support https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg55098029#msg55098029
Aug 11, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.4 Released for Android arm64 Upgrade / Chromebook Support https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54977437#msg54977437
Jul 30, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.3 Released for Linux Wallet Upgrade with 8 Distros https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54898540#msg54898540
Jul 21, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.2 Released for MacOS Upgrade with Catalina https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54839522#msg54839522
Jul 19, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.1 Released for MacOS Wallet Upgrade https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54830333#msg54830333
Jul 15, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0 Released for Android Mining, Ubuntu 20.04 support https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54803639#msg54803639
Jul 11, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0 Android Mining, randomSpike Evaluation https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54777222#msg54777222
Jun 27, 2020 - Pre-Announce: NENG v1.4.0 Proposal for Mobile Miner Upgrade, Android Mining Start in July 2020 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54694233#msg54694233
Jun 19, 2020 - Best Practice for Futurebit Moonlander2 USB ASIC on solo mining mode https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54645726#msg54645726
Mar 15, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike - NENG v1.3.0.1 Released for better wallet syncing https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg54030923#msg54030923
Feb 23, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike - NENG Core v1.3.0 Relased, Hardfork on Mar 1 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg53900926#msg53900926
Feb 1, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike Proposal Published- NENG 1.3.0 Hardfork https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg53735458#msg53735458
Jan 15, 2020 - NewEnglandcoin Dev Team Expanded with New Kickoff https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg53617358#msg53617358
Jan 12, 2020 - Explanation of Base Diff Reset and Effect of Supply https://www.reddit.com/NewEnglandCoin/comments/envmo1/explanation_of_base_diff_reset_and_effect_of/
Dec 19, 2019 - Shoreline_tradingbot version 1.0 is released https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5121953.msg53391184#msg53391184
Sept 1, 2019 - NewEnglandcoin (NENG) is Selected as Shoreline Tradingbot First Supported Coin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg52331201#msg52331201
Aug 15, 2019 - Mining Update on Effect of Base Difficulty Reset, GPU vs ASIC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg52169572#msg52169572
Jul 7, 2019 - CPU Mining on macOS Mojave is supported under latest Cheetah_Cpuminer Release https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg51745839#msg51745839
Jun 1, 2019 - NENG Fiat project is stopped by Square, Inc https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg51312291#msg51312291
Apr 21, 2019 - NENG Fiat Project is Launched by ShorelineCrypto https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg50714764#msg50714764
Apr 7, 2019 - Announcement of Fiat Project for all U.S. Residents & Mobile Miner Project Initiation https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg50506585#msg50506585
Apr 1, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg50417196#msg50417196
Mar 27, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg50332097#msg50332097
Mar 17, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg50208194#msg50208194
Feb 26, 2019 - Community Project - NewEnglandcoin Graphic Redesign Bounty Initiated https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49931305#msg49931305
Feb 22, 2019 - Dev Policy on Checkpoints on NewEnglandcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49875242#msg49875242
Feb 20, 2019 - NewEnglandCoin v1.2.1 Released to Secure the Hard Kork https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49831059#msg49831059
Feb 11, 2019 - NewEnglandCoin v1.2.0 Released, Anti-51% Attack, Anti-instant Mining after Hard Fork https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49685389#msg49685389
Jan 13, 2019 - Cheetah_CpuMiner added support for CPU Mining on Mac https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49218760#msg49218760
Jan 12, 2019 - NENG Core v1.1.2 Released to support MacOS OSX Wallet https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49202088#msg49202088
Jan 2, 2019 - Cheetah_Cpuminer v1.1.0 is released for both Linux and Windows https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg49004345#msg49004345
Dec 31, 2018 - Technical Whitepaper is Released https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48990334#msg48990334
Dec 28, 2018 - Cheetah_Cpuminer v1.0.0 is released for Linux https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48935135#msg48935135
Update on Dec 14, 2018 - NENG Blockchain Stuck Issue https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48668375#msg48668375
Nov 27, 2018 - Exclusive for PC CPU Miners - How to Steal a Block from ASIC Miners https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48258465#msg48258465
Nov 28, 2018 - How to CPU Mine a NENG block with window/linux PC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48298311#msg48298311
Nov 29, 2018 - A Warning to ASIC Miners https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027091.msg48324708#msg48324708
Disclosure: Dev Team Came from ShorelineCrypto, a US based Informatics Service Business offering Fee for service for Coin Creation, Coin Exchange Listing, Blockchain Consulting, etc.
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BitBall & BitBall Treasure next exchange listing ➡️ @ATAIXcom. Ataix #cryptocurrency exchange will list #BTB & #BTRS against Dogecoin #Doge & Tether #USDT.

BitBall & BitBall Treasure next exchange listing ➡️ @ATAIXcom.
Ataix #cryptocurrency exchange will list #BTB & #BTRS against Dogecoin #Doge & Tether #USDT.
The only #doge paired market will be available on #Ataix.
Stay tuned.

crypto #listing #bitcoin #btc #blockchain #dex #defi #eur #fiat

Tweet: https://twitter.com/bitball_erc20/status/1309829824618274817
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[Winner's Thread #50] Maybe 2020 will be alright!

Hello everyone!
To be honest, I don’t even know what to say really. I am still so shook up over winning! Just Saturday night I was looking through my finances and stressing about money, and then I woke up Sunday to this? All I can say is thank you, to the creators of this sub, the moderators, and every member here too.
A little bit about me: I am a full time student in college and I work full time as well, which means I really don’t have much free time. I work for an automotive manufacturer, but it is not where I want to be forever (or much longer tbh). Currently, I am attending school to get a degree in Emergency Management, and I would love to work in the disaster relief field helping those who have been through major disasters and catastrophes.
Because all of this is so unexpected, and I really want to make good use of the proceeds here, I am going to do things a little differently. I will donate 50% of everything you guys send in the next week directly to the Australian Red Cross to help provide relief for the refugees and victims of the 2019-2020 fires. I will provide proof of all donations in one week.
All listed payment methods below will go directly to me, and then I will divide the winnings in half and donate it on behalf of the MillionaireMakers community.
Thank you all again for being such a wonderful part of this community. I cannot wait to donate to the next winners, and I wish you all good luck in the next drawing!

*** Everything listed should result in direct lines of payment to surprisesalmon. We ask all users to donate at least $1 USD. The Drawing is also listed for users who want to see the results and confirm the validity of the winner.
Drawing: https://old.reddit.com/millionairemakers/comments/eqxw0h/draw\_50/
PayPal: paypal.me/surprisesalmon
Google Pay: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Square Cash: cash.app/$SurpriseSalmon
Bitcoin: bc1qgn5cy5xdcwpzwmwvpgk6c5k9kgf9jskr88hg4y
Bitcoin Cash: qqh2m87d5syf86vvtna4eutfrzpfjqs9h5k7e4ktd5
Ethereum: 0xbe86E1cDd969c5755e9e0a420499fAD9Dc4A2028
Litecoin: ltc1q4pjz5pxgtvvfnczcrrfghedccjqjdfaw8xclx3
Dogecoin: D6afYPBED8rSrBigytGnNvztzXQyy8ADF8
Nano: nano_3ghnn1374ibjgwx8h4sq61crsenpxxaopokaz84qeehuhgouj77spe8e458t
Venmo: @SurpriseSalmon
Edit 1/20 9PM
I just need to express my gratitude towards all of you and your generosity. You all have absolutely made my year and I am so happy to be a part of this community. You all killed my phone today with your responses, so I am finally back online here!
Also, I will tally up the totals every 24hrs (or there abouts) and let you all see how much we raised in total and towards the Red Cross!
I'll stick around for a bit tonight as I work on homework, and I will try to thank as many of you guys as I can!
Edit 1/20 11:59PM
Thanks everyone for making today something special! I'm off to bed and I will check in tomorrow morning! Have a great night!!!
UPDATE 1/21 11:15AM
At some point last night I had to turn my notifications off because you all kept sending money and adding to the comments and I couldn't let myself sleep! In all seriousness, thank you all again! Ive tallied up the totals for the first 24 hours and posted them below. This is before donation so half of everything listed goes to the Aussies.
I am off work today, so I will try my best to stay near by and thank as many people here as possible!
Paypal $1746.39
Venmo $413.87
Cash App $173
Bitcoin $84.96
Bitcoin Cash $13.08
Nano $335.40
Ethereum $31.89
Litecoin $8.54
Dogecoin $2.37
TOTAL $2,809.50
If a mod can format that better, I would appreciate it as I am a bit unfamiliar with adding cells and such.
UPDATE 1/24/2020 @ 8PM
Hey guys! I'm still so enthralled with the generosity of everyone in here! I apologize for the delayed update, I have been overwhelmed with work and school the past two days, so I finally got some time to give a much needed update!
Paypal $2174.57
Venmo $628.87
Cash App $194
Bitcoin $98.22
Bitcoin Cash $13.08
Nano $373.08
Ethereum $32.42
Litecoin $17.16
Dogecoin $2.37
TOTAL $3,522.77
So as of right now, that is $1,766.86 going to the Australian Red Cross! I will leave all the donation links and addresses up until Monday (and the 50% will be taken from that final total), at which point I will give a grand total and proof of donation!!
FINAL UPDATE 1/28/2020
I want to thank you all for your kind and generous donations over the past week! This will be my last update to this thread, and I wanted to give you a total breakdown of all the donations and the final Red Cross donation!
As of 2:15 PM the donations were as follows:
Paypal $2277.95
Venmo $638.87
Cash App $197
Bitcoin $112.56
Bitcoin Cash $13.87
Nano $395.03
Ethereum $34.90
Dogecoin $2.38
TOTAL: $3672.56!!
I just completed the donation to the Australian Red Cross for the sum total of $1836.28 USD (or $2588.73 AUD) and have linked the receipt for all of you to view for proof!
Thank you all so much again for everything. You have made me incredibly happy and have made my year so much better!
Good luck to you all in the next round, and I cant wait to donate to the next winner!!!
RECIPT: (All totals in AUD) https://photos.app.goo.gl/k1SGM9Msqq1EzAreA
submitted by surprisesalmon to millionairemakers [link] [comments]

Earning money with Bitcoins: “QashBits”!

One of the latest innovations in the cryptocurrency faucet sector. A site with a classic structure to earn money with Bitcoins.
In this article we will talk again about a direct faucet that will make you earn money with Bitcoins by means of a proven structure, very similar to that of the faucet described in a previous article. QuashBits is shown with a main screen always made up of 2 menus, one at the top and one on the side, all well organized. To register, use a personal Bitcoin address also registered on FaucetPay.

Earning money with Bitcoins
Let's now proceed with the list of components of the central menu.

EARN BITS, earn Bitcoin:
- Faucet, which takes you back to the dashboard, is the classic claim that can be made every 60 minutes. The cryptocurrencies earned are called Bits and the award released will depend on the Lucky Number obtained. Occasionally some pop-up pages may open.

- Shortlinks, divided in turn into 2 submenus. Visit Shortlinks, whose links lead to advertising pages in which one or more Captchas must be resolved, which is why they notoriously pay more than the classic Claim. Pop-up pages may open. Shortlinks Contest instead shows the weekly ranking of users who have solved the highest number of Shortlinks.

- PTC Ads, this section is now inevitable on faucet sites and allows you to earn crypto by viewing advertising pages. It is not mandatory to keep the mouse on the page as it will be sufficient to let the required time pass. The main tool for earning money with Bitcoins.

- Jobs, an interesting section where you are rewarded very well by performing "social" tasks. Definitely recommended for its originality.

- Referrals, where you will be shown your referrals URL. You will get, with the basic subscription, from your subscribers a 10% on all claims. The percentages will increase by subscribing to a higher Membership subscription.

- Achievements displays the list of rewards that are received after reaching a certain number of Claims and Shortlinks, dedicated to large users of faucets.

- CPU Mining, where you will be paid 1 Bit every 60000 Hash. Recommended only for those with powerful enough PCs.

- Investment Game, practically a bet on the Bitcoin trend in the next 5 minutes after your bet. You will be free to invest the desired amount.

- Redeem coupon, if you have a code to use as a coupon. You will be given a small amount of crypto as a gift.

Not just EARNS:
MEMBERSHIP, various paid membership levels that will increase your earnings percentages.

LOTTERY, the BitsFree lottery. The cost of the ticket is 100 Bits / Satoshi.

CONTESTS, which each month will reward users with the highest number of subscribers and the largest amount of Shortlinks and Offers completed.

OFFERS, which includes surveys, bonuses for viewing videos and the most varied tasks. Several Dogecoins will be obtained but not always proportionate to the time spent since the surveys have a very low percentage of reliability.

BLOG, the section with the latest news on BitsFree.

MORE, in turn divided into several parts:

- Account settings, in which to enter the Bitcoin or FaucetPay address to which to transfer the balance and change the registration email and password.

- Withdrawals History and Deposits History, shows the last 25 transfers to your external wallets and all the deposits made on the site.

The side menu
The menu on the left contains many links to the sections previously described. From top to bottom you can change your account details, exit the site (Logout) or make the transfer (Withdraw). Just below the Bitcoin countervalue of the Bits you have available on the site is shown. Following is the Advertise section which offers the opportunity to earn crypto through links and banners directly on your site. This is a paid service and using the Deposit button you can send the funds you want to dedicate to it.

Even further below, your referral URL.

In the lower part of the dashboard, the left part is dedicated to all the information on crypto (Bits) earned while the right part allows, thanks to the Share button, to share your referral URL on major social networks.

We remind you that the transfer of earned Bits (Withdraw) can be converted into Bitcoin on your personal wallet or on FaucetPay. The minimum threshold in the first case is 50,000 Satoshi while for the second it is 4000 Satoshi.

See you soon for a new article on how to earn Bitcoins!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

By: cryptoall.it
Telegram Channel: t.me/giulo75
Netbox Browser: https://netbox.global/PZn5A
Horizen Faucet: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=153228
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How to make money with cryptocurrencies: xFaucet Multicoin

A new multifaucet site is appearing in the crypto universe. We will explain how to make money with cryptocurrencies thanks to xFaucet!
The site that we are going to describe in this article consists of 7 Faucets connected to the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Digibyte. Each wallet address must be registered on FaucetPay to which the prizes of the related claims will be sent in real time. Below we will explain how to make money with cryptocurrencies on xFaucet.

The xFaucet and Home buttons / links at the top left of the main page take you directly to the home page. Refer will only work after running the first claim (your referral link will appear) while Links recommends some trending sites.

Under your referral url there is the "Our Banners" button which will display a good list of very useful banners to insert on your site.

The Claim to be executed is divided into 2 parts: an hCaptcha and an antibot links. Once completed, you will need to wait 5 minutes before proceeding to the next. At the bottom of the page, your Referral URL will finally be visible, which will make you earn 20% on each Claim executed by your subscribers.

As previously anticipated, returning to the Home you can choose to make claims among six other cryptocurrencies. Do not forget to always use a wallet previously registered on the FaucetPay online MicroWallet.
On FaucetPay you can enter and register more than one wallet for each cryptocurrency.

We take this opportunity to advise you to visit and subscribe to our Facebook page and our Telegram channel in order to stay up to date on news, airdrops and new faucets.

See you at the next article dedicated to faucets!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

By: cryptoall.it
Telegram Channel: t.me/giulo75
Netbox Browser: https://netbox.global/PZn5A
Horizen Faucet: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=153228
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Making Money with Cryptocurrency Faucets: "Dogemate"

Dogemate is a classic faucet site with a nice and essential user interface. By following our advice it will be fun to make money with faucets!
Initial premises: Dogemate is divided into 2 main pages with related specific menus. All earnings will be paid in DMT Coins which will be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or USD at the time of the transfer. It also offers the possibility to transfer your earnings to all the most used online microwallets including popular platforms such as Coinbase. In addition to making money with faucets very easily, with Dogemate also transferring them is faster than most of the competing sites.

Let's proceed with the classic email / password registration.

Making money with cryptocurrency faucets
Once logged in, instead of describing the Dashboard as usual, we will jump back to the Home Page by clicking the word Dogemate at the top left. The menu items that interest us are Features, Info and Earn More.

Features displays in boxes all the services and features made available by the site; Info reports the news regarding the news introduced by Dogemate, the statistics of all members and the usual FAQs; Earn More lists a long list of other sites for making money with faucets. Not all of them are 100% reliable.

To return to the Dashboard, press the relevant button or Start Earning. In succession we will describe the main menu, the profile at the top right and the dashboard screen.

The main menu of Dogemate
The aforementioned menu is divided as follows:

- Dashboard: where are you now.

- Games: Dogemate's claim. Press Roll Game and on the next page solve the captcha. You will receive a certain number of DMTs determined by the number that will appear. If performed daily, you receive a percentage bonus that will grow day by day.

- Shortlinks: a long list of advertising pages, by viewing them you will receive in exchange a good number of DMT Coins.

- Offerwalls: a very high offer of the usual surveys or tasks by completing which you will be rewarded in DMT Coin.

- PTC, display advertising for a fee. The only obligation is to leave the screen open until the counter ends without necessarily displaying it on the screen.

- Mining, use your PC to mine cryptocurrencies by relying on the Dogemate platform. Every 1000 hash it is possible to start the conversion into DMT Coin.

- Tasks, tasks very similar to ICO and IEO bounties: making articles on blogs, advertising posts on social media, videos on Youtube in exchange for quite high fees.

- Withdraw: here you can convert the DMT Coins into 3 different cryptocurrencies and proceed with the transfer to the desired wallet. The same function is performed by pressing the balance on the top right.

Dogemate's account

By clicking on the nick at the top right you can change your profile; view the referrals URL; choose the wallet to allocate the cryptocurrencies earned on Dogemate (Faucetpay, Express Crypto, Coinbase, personal wallets and much more); perform the funds transfer (Withdraw); contact the site administrators.

Finally, the explanation of the dashboard as a whole. First we will see the account level, which will rise as a result of the use of faucets and the accumulated experience. The more you level up, the more the percentage of cryptocurrencies earned will increase. You can view the various levels to reach by clicking on the bank strip located just below.

Four boxes show the daily shortlinks completed, the number of your referrals, the balance in DMT and the bonus points to be converted later in DMT Coins.

The page ends with the box to collect any promotional codes and your Referral URL that will make you earn 10% on the rolls and 25% on the shortlinks completed by your subscribers.

See you in the next article to continue making money with cryptocurrency faucets!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

By: cryptoall.it
Telegram Channel: t.me/giulo75
Netbox Browser: https://netbox.global/PZn5A
Horizen Faucet: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=153228
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Earning Cryptocurrencies with Telegram Faucet: "Click Bot"

The Bots Faucet of the famous app burst onto the market: from now on it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies with Telegram Faucets.

First article dedicated to a new category of Faucet: Telegram bots.

The group we will discuss is made up of only 4 bots connected to the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and Litecoin. These are not classic faucets in which to make claims but rather structured more similarly to PTC Sites or Advertising Faucets, making it very quick to earn cryptocurrencies with Telegram Faucets.

Here are the 4 secure links to access it. We recommend copying the links in order not to join scam bots or other bots that have nothing to do with the one discussed in the article:

BTC Click Bot: https://t.me/BitcoinClick_bot?start=3wUp

BCH Click Bot: https://t.me/BCH_clickbot?start=JwHQ

DOGE Click Bot: https://t.me/Dogecoin_click_bot?start=OBJz

LTC Click Bot: https://t.me/Litecoin_click_bot?start=W0w0

The best part of the Telegram bots are the immediacy of use and the speed of navigation. We will not go too far in their description as they are very simple but nevertheless a brief explanation of the menus seems to us a duty.

The Telegram Faucet menu
After starting the Bot, a menu will appear with the following items:

- Visit Sites, by clicking on it, you will visit sites, faucets or other bots and get a crypto payment in exchange. It is never mandatory to sign up for anything, start other bots or solve faucets. In almost all cases it is sufficient to start them or wait for a period of time that can range from 10 to 30 seconds

- Message bots, in this case, by opening other bots, to get the payment you will be forced to enter a message that must then be forwarded to Click Bot.

- Join Chats, the third way to earn in which you will have to access other channels and occasionally participate with a message.

- Balance, clicking on it will open a submenu with the usual options regarding the crypto deposit (Deposit), the transfer of funds to your personal wallet (Withdraw), view the current balance (Balance) and the history of transfers / deposits (History).

- Referrals, your referral URL thanks to which you will get 15% of all crypto earned by your subscribers.
- Settings, in which the choice is made to enable or disable pornographic sites (Allow NSFW?), To select the preferred Captcha type (Captcha Type) and activate notifications for the three earning modes described above.

- My ads, finally, allows you to create an advertisement using the Click Bot network. You can first choose between a site, a bot or a telegram channel and then the maximum amount of expenditure as well as monitor all your advertising campaigns by clicking on My ads for the second time.

As you may have noticed, this is a very simple type of income. The limits for the transfer are not always low but not difficult to reach either. See you again in the next article!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

By: cryptoall.it
Telegram Channel: t.me/giulo75
Netbox Browser: https://netbox.global/PZn5A
Horizen Faucet: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=153228
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Normalizing Tipping With Crytpos

So I'm going to leave yall with a copy paste I made in the Dogecoin community, everything I talk about in it is serious but don't want to change text but, change text in your brain as need apply. As yall know Dogecoin is a complete meme coin but now is used a tipping here on reddit (possibly other places idk). In a previous thread someone mentioned some good ideas. I'm interested in what yall have to think so here is the copy paste.
Tldr- here's a copy paste I didn't edit but read it cuz
We should push harder for tipping with cryptos but specifically dogecoin for obvious reasons, dogecoiners if your out doing your thing and it comes time to tip see if they will accept some doge coins 5-10$ worth of doge coin tip is pretty modest and also pretty bad ass, I'm gonna stack up on a shitload and try to make tipping in Crytpos, specifically dogecoin, a more normalized thing in my area. I'm sure in other places this is normalized but if we can spread this around it will be good for our dogecoin family and a fun way to get regular folk onto crytpos not just dogecoin.
And yes I understand meme coin, tip coin shit. But no one's pushing it hard so dogecoin community, if we can normalize tipping with cryptos it will lead to big gains throughout the entire crypto market.
Imagine in 5-10 years how the crypto market will be if we can slowly shape and influence the people around us to hop on.
Tl:Dr next time you tip see if they accept tips in crypto if not doge coin give em $5 BTC ETH XRP idk it don't matter but the farther and faster we normalize this new trend the faster we moon (3-20 years for dogecoin in my personal opinion)
Think about it almost all city kids have a cashapp or venmo, let's put them on to crypto wallets, and slowly but surely the entire crypto market will moon.
Godspeed boys let's discuss and make this happen.
That was the copy paste, let's take note from this and apply this to our lives and push people we are close too to get crytpo wallets and what not. If every person my age 16-30 has a cashapp or a venmo I don't see why they wouldn't hop on cryptos, people have been interested in cryptos since bitcoin but it hasnt been in the mainstream market per-se like the way many other things are, most people have a wallet, most people have a phone. See where I'm going? I'm gonna leave it at that though yall very interested in what yall think, and would love to hear all of your ideas. If your interested in the thread I talked about this is previously just click account I'm a reddit noob, and I apologize I got some ideas though, and I'm learning.
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Earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay Microwallet

With the departure of FaucetHub, there are currently 2 Faucet aggregator sites on the market. In this article we will explain how to earn cryptocurrencies with Faucetpay.
First of two articles dedicated to the portals on which most of the faucet sites rely. The next will be focused on Express Crypto while for FaucetPanel we prefer to wait for its greater use. Before proceeding with reading and starting to earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay, we recommend that you sign up immediately.

After logging in, you will be directed to the main Dashboard. The menu is very complete and we will try to describe it quickly but in detail.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard, where you will initially find yourself, is divided into User Dashboard and Faucet Owner Dashboard. Through the F.O.D. you can connect your faucet site, if you have one, and use its functions for the movement of funds and generated earnings. The U.D. is in turn composed of the following items:
- Overview, which shows the current balance of the 6 cryptocurrencies supported by FaucetPay (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash), some daily information (dollars earned, payments received and faucets visited) and the updated list of all amounts you earned including site of origin and date.

Earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay
- Statistics, the total earned of each cryptocurrency during the current month

- Linked Addresses, here you will need to enter the connection addresses to the four cryptocurrencies (even more than one for each of them) that you can subsequently use on all faucets that rely on FaucetPay. For convenience, we have entered those generated by the Exodus multi-currency wallet.

- Deposit, the deposit addresses provided by Faucetpay to be used for sending funds on the site.

- Withdraw, the section dedicated to transfers to your personal wallets. From the drop-down menus, select the crypto, one of the linked wallet addresses and the amount to be transferred. Just below, the history of all mailings made will be shown.

The other menus'
Earn, shows the methods to earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay offered. We report them below:

- Faucet List, four long lists (one for each supported cryptocurrency) of faucet sites connected to FaucetPay provided with direct links to each of them. However, many are disappointing ones. Follow our articles dedicated only to the best and most updated among them.

- Rock Paper Scissors, here you will have to look for an opponent to bet against to play the classic Chinese morra.

- Offerwall, the unmissable section full of surveys and tasks to perform to earn cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay in many different ways.

- Paid To Click, by displaying advertisements on the active screen, small quantities of Satoshi will be obtained in exchange

Multiply BTC, another of the more classic sections of faucet sites in which you will have to bet by trying to guess if the number that will come out will be higher or lower than that predetermined by the many options offered here.

Exchange, Faucetpay gives you the opportunity to exchange the 6 cryptocurrencies with each other in order to reach the minimum transfer amount more quickly

Affiliate, the referral section. The following will be listed in succession: the bonuses you will get from your referrals; your referral URL; the number of your subscribers and the total they have earned you; a link to the banner animations to insert on your site; the ranking of the Competition (when it is in progress) drawn up on the basis of the higher amounts obtained by its members.

Earning cryptocurrencies with FaucetPay: even for those who want to advertise
Advertise, dedicated to those who intend to advertise their site using the platform offered by FaucetPay. Two methods can be used: through sponsorship or through the classic Paid to Click. Many options are offered thanks to which it is possible to decide the duration and amount of expenditure of the advertising campaign.

Api, section dedicated to the developers of faucet sites. We will not extend further as it is beyond the scope of our articles dedicated to users of faucet sites and not to creators.

Help, which in turn groups several items:

- Fees, the fixed commissions to be paid for cryptocurrency shipments to your personal wallets and the minimum transfer amount

- FAQ, a list of answers to the main questions of users of the site

- Statistics, a complete collection of all the statistics of FaucetPay members

- Telegram Group, the link to the FaucetPay Telegram channel

- Contact, the contact form in case you encounter any problems or inconveniences

Finally, by clicking on your account icon at the top right, you will see other items. In addition to the already discussed Dashboard, Deposit, Withdrawal and Linked Addresses, Account Settings is also available thanks to which it is possible to change the email address, password, enable Google 2-factor verification and enable the Dice betting game. .

And that's it!
Check back periodically for our articles as the faucet sites are always constantly updated. Which we will promptly report on these pages. See you soon!

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[TASK] $20/day - Supervise and occasionally harass a chronic procrastinator

Edit: Thanks everyone, I think I'm good... how do I close this thing...

This is edited copypasta of my request from a while ago. (Actually like, \5th time I've done this, see post history if curious).) The result of that was that it worked well for a while, so I am back for more.

Looking for someone who, ideally, spends all day at a computer, doing something easy / boring.

I do "computer stuff" for a living, and my job doesn't have much oversight, so I've been developing a lot of bad habits. It's totally out of control - I am at work (WFH these days) 10-12 hours a day and spend the whole time screwing around online, promising myself that I'll get started in five minutes. I'm very competent when working, but most weeks I spend literally <2hr on task. If you want to indulge in my self-loathing, look through my post history.
What I need is basically a babysittesupervisor over my shoulder (virtually). I'm in the EST/EDT time zone, work M-F, and have flextime: averaging a 09:00-17:00 job but many days being a couple hours long/short. That said, if you can squeeze 4 hours of no-BS work out of me in a day, that's a win. I need someone to keep an eye on my work and ask me if anything looks suspicious, or I'm AFK for a while, have a basic idea of what I'm working on. I'll be sending frequent updates (10-30 min apart) on how stuff is going, with screenshots a good percentage of the time to prevent me from bullshitting you. Basically, you stay on top of me like those annoying micromanaging bosses that everyone hates. Harassment is done over IM - I'm flexible on which one, but preferably one of these: Discord, gTalk/gChat/Hangouts, Signal, although I am willing to use SMS, or anything with a browser agent (Telegram, Skype, Watsapp, etc...).
Payment: $20/day - PayPal, bitcoins, dogecoins, check in the mail, I'll accommodate you. If you want help with learning or doing something related to programming, linux, spreadsheets, k8s/containerization, I'll throw that in for free*. Don't bother offering <$20 - in my experience it needs to be worth a chunk to both you and me so that you give a shit about the task, and I am slightly pained by the expenditure, but not so much that I want to lie and fake success early.
Preferences: The more miserable your life, and the more you want that $20/day, the better. I used to be the guy on the other side - too much screen time, need a tiny bit of money, don't want real job. Mention your circumstances in your $bid, e.g. "I am a NEET living in mom's basement, pretending to be taking edX courses while I'm actually watching anime, I have a 4 monitor rig so no problem keeping an eye on you!" or something like that.
Multiple offers: I always get a bajillion offers, so here's the deal. I'm only considering the first 5 $bids which have a 1-2 sentence summary of their situation. First by timestamp, so if you see 5 $bids, I am probably already editing the post to be closed. For the five people, I'll arrange them in random order, and do paid trial days (I will PM you with the date, it'll be the next 5 business days, maybe counting today). Once I get a competent match (about ½ - ⅓ of applicants in my experience, so even if you're 3rd consider your chances poor), I'll "hire" them cancel those still waiting, =\ sorry, can't afford 5 nannies.
Feel free to comment to ask for additional information. I'll close and update this post when I get 5 $bids.
\) On two occasions I've spent all night helping an acquaintance get their final project in CS101 from garbage code to mostly-working. One of my previous paid accountability supervisors traded a couple of free days to debug some problems with apache2 and, IIRC, a php script. But if you just need like, 45 min of help every now and then, we can bang it out, no need to sacrifice your money.
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The Future of Doge Coin

Imagine being in the ocean and trying to swim ashore, but as much as you try you are still in the same spot after a while. That is Doge’s current situation. Doge has the potential to be the next big thing or for a lack of better terms the one coin that can completely revolutionize cryptocurrency. For starters, Doge has one of the most unique communities in terms of activity and size. I’m guessing that many of us come from different backgrounds and have different professional experiences. The one thing that unites us is our love for Doge. However, our community needs to take time and analyze the future of Doge. Doge has hit a plateau, which demands immediate attention. By taking a closer look at the numbers we can see that Doge lives in a constant Yo-yo like environment. It goes up a bit and then it corrects itself, never reaching or advancing past its projections. There’s no reason for Doge not to have reached the top 10 or at least be worth more than coins like Ripple.
IF WE DON’T TAKE ACTION THE FUTURE IS BLEAK. We need to define what we want to do with Doge. Do we want a coin that can be potentially life changing for many of us or do we want to keep the status quo where our coin is seen more like a Meme than anything else. It is important to mention that Doge lacks leadership. We lack a figure head that can provide the necessary vision or guidance to help the coin take the next step. We are facing an immediate financial crisis after the Coronavirus Pandemic ends. That means that most people will look for ways to safeguard their assets. Bitcoin is a great coin but it lacks a committed community like ours or the simplicity that Doge provides. Also, I’m sure we have people here that are suffering financially and any jump in price will help them.
MY PROPOSAL: I’m proposing to create the Doge Coin Collective: this collective will look for ways to make Doge coin more mainstream and also for ways to make it more valuable. The second step should be to explore capping Doge coin at least temporarily, this will certainly give us an opportunity to create more valuation and a more centralized approach where we pause and explore better ways to utilize Doge. The cap should be temporary. The Elon Musk effect: Doge has the support of arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. We should be capitalizing on his endorsement. We should explore the possibility of creating some buzz about Dogecoin using celebrities or influencers. New Dogecoin Market Exchange: Binance, Coinbase or Robinhood haven’t done much to make exchanging Doge easier or more accessible to the amateur trader. Therefore we should explore creating a Doge Market Exchange where trading is easier and where people have more access to the coin. In addition we should redefine how the coin is utilized. Take for example, the current situation where sadly people don’t have access to some of the most basic items. If we had a market where you could exchange Doge for goods or services then it would’ve made life easier for many of us here.
TO FINALIZE: There’s no doubt that Doge coin is very special and have the potential to have a meaningful impact in our daily lives. However if we don’t take immediate action it’s future is bleak at best. I predict that we’ll lose roughly 25-40% of our community within the next 12-24 months given the unpredictability of the current economy. If we enter a recession people will start panicking and will start selling their coins. The would be devastating for Doge. The good news is that we have time and the human capital to take necessary action in order to preserve the future of our beloved coin. Remember this is mere a suggestion and I would love you get meaningful feedback.
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Reddit Homework Help

When it comes to getting your homework done, there are several subreddits on Reddit that can help point you in the right direction. Some subreddits focus on helping you learn to do the work yourself, while other homework subreddits provide additional help, such as written essays and other materials.
There are many homework help subreddits such as /HomeworkCentral, /chemhelp, /learnmath and /homeworkhelp. There are also many subreddits where you can get help on particular topics, such as /askphilosphy or /askscience. These forums may not be able to answer specific homework questions, but they are good places to brainstorm for essay and thesis ideas.
If you’re having a hard time with your homework, Reddit is an excellent place to look. It’s one of the biggest social media platforms on the Internet and is full of subject matter experts ready to help you out. Keep reading to learn more about /HomeworkCentral and other homework help on Reddit.

Why Get Homework Help from Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that advertises itself as the “front page of the Internet,” but this massive website is so much more than that. The vast amount of niche sub-forums on Reddit means that no matter what your interest or your question is, you should be able to find a subreddit that discusses it.
Here are some reasons why you might want to consider getting homework help through Reddit:

· You can find paid homework help. If you are at your wit’s end on an assignment and you’re ready to delegate it to an academic professional, several subreddits specialize in connecting students with academic tutors that can help them generate assignment materials like research papers and essays.

· You can find a sounding board for your ideas. If you’re trying to write a paper or generate a thesis, you can discuss your paper ideas with strangers on the Internet who don’t have any personal investment in your success or failure. This can lead to some interesting commentary that can give you some inspiration you wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

· You can find professional help. Not only can you find people to pay to help you with your homework, but you can also find professionals to work with you on any number of subjects. Reddit is full of professionals and academics from all over the world.

· You can pay for a quick turnaround. If you are considering purchasing homework help off Reddit and you’re at the end of your deadline, you can typically get a rush job completed if you’re willing to pay extra for a fast response.

What Kind of Subreddits Are Available for Homework Help on Reddit?

Here are some of the subreddits that can give you homework help:

· /learnmath: /learnmath is a good subreddit if you’re trying to get help with your math homework. Not only does this subreddit help people with different math concepts if they’re having a hard time figuring them out, but they also have plenty of recommendations for good off-site math resources such as YouTube videos and Khan Academy courses.

· /chemhelp: /chemhelp is a subreddit that is geared toward chemistry and can be a good place to stop in and ask for help if you’re stuck on a chemistry concept or have a problem that you can’t seem to solve. Since professional chemists often frequent /chemhelp, you’re likely to find quality opinions when it comes to helping you out.

· /HomeworkCentral: /HomeworkCentral is a subreddit dedicated to paid homework tutoring and essay writing services, and users can receive paid homework help on a wide variety of different topics in this subreddit.

· /HomeworkHelp: /HomeworkHelp is a subreddit where you can get help with your homework problems, but it’s not a subreddit that’s designed to complete your homework for you. Instead, you can post in this subreddit to get help from others to complete your work.

· /DoMyHomework: /DoMyHomework is a paid homework help subreddit where users can pay vetted tutors to help with homework, research papers, and other work that needs a quick turnaround.

· /WritersNetwork: /WritersNetwork is a subreddit of networked ghostwriters who offer services like writing essays, research papers, and dissertations. This is one of the smaller homework help subreddits, but there are plenty of writers for hire if you need the assignment done in a hurry.

· /DoMyHomeworkForMe: /DoMyHomeworkForMe is a subreddit that allows tutors to post advertisements to show off their services and offer paid homework help in a variety of different subjects. Like many of the subreddits for homework help on Reddit, the tutors in this subreddit are verified by a reputation they build as they complete assignments.

· /askscience: /askscience is a good subreddit to visit if you’re having difficulty with a science-based concept in your homework. While you are not likely to be able to get specific homework answers in this subreddit or ask anyone to do your work for you, you can get some excellent ideas for research papers and other science-based work here.

· /askphilosophy: /askphilosophy is a subreddit similar to /askscience in that you can’t get people to do your homework for you there. Still, you can get some good academically-based answers on your philosophy questions, especially if you have questions about a specific philosopher’s concepts or a philosophy question that you have to write an essay about.

· /askhistory: /askhistory is another subreddit for getting general homework help and brainstorming research paper ideas rather than trying to find someone to do your homework for you. It is a good place to get some different perspectives on historical matters if you’re trying to develop one of your own theses further.

· /engineeringstudents: /engineeringstudents is a great subreddit to get help from fellow engineers on engineering and mathematical problems you might be stuck on in your homework. This subreddit is more like a peer study group rather than a subreddit where you can get paid homework help. It can help engineering students while also providing camaraderie.

This is only a short list of the many subreddits you can find on Reddit that can help you with your homework.

Can You Get Free Homework Help on Reddit?

If you can’t afford to purchase a paid homework service off Reddit, there are a few subreddits where you can get free help on your homework.
There are a few disadvantages to this, however, such as:

· You usually can’t get someone to do your work for you for free. While there are plenty of subreddits on Reddit where you can get some help generating ideas for your homework or even get help completing a math problem, you’re not likely to find anyone who will write a paper for you or answer a homework prompt unless you’re willing to pay them to do it.

· When it comes to the quality of the help, you get what you pay for. If you don’t pay someone to help you with your homework, you don’t have a leg to stand on if they give you the wrong answers. There’s not a good way to verify the answers you receive on a Reddit subreddit in a timely fashion if you’re in a rush to complete a homework assignment.

· You may not be able to get help in time. Especially if you’re looking for homework help on a more obscure subject or in a less populated subreddit, you might not be able to get a good answer back in time to get your homework completed. This is in contrast to paid homework services on Reddit, where you can get verification ahead of time that your work will be completed on schedule.

· You may waste extra time trying to verify the answers. Anyone can call themselves a scholar on Reddit. So, if you use someone else’s theories or answers on your homework without verifying their accuracy, you may leave yourself open to a bad grade.

· If someone gives you the wrong answers, you have no recourse. If you decide to take the academic advice of random strangers on the Internet, you have to decide to trust them and take their word for it, or you have to go look up the answers on your own anyway. When you’re pressed for time on an assignment, neither is ideal.

The best way to get free homework help on Reddit is to browse the niche subreddits that have to do with your area of study. Threads and questions often come up in these subreddits such as /askscience and /askhistory that would make interesting research papers or essays, so keeping your ear to the ground for interesting conversations in your field through an associated subreddit is a good way to get a leg up on writing papers.

Advantages of Using a Paid Homework Service on Reddit

Several different subreddits specialize in paid homework help services on Reddit, and there can be some major benefits of using these services if you’re strapped for time, or you have a subject that you’re struggling to understand.
Here are some of the advantages of using a paid homework service on Reddit:

· Experts in your field of study: One of the benefits of Reddit being such a large social media platform is that you can find paid homework tutors who specialize in just about every subject matter on the planet. So, no matter whether you’re an engineering student working on a dissertation or an English 101 student who just needs someone to write a composition for them, you can find someone whose skill matches your needs.

· Wide range of prices: Because there are many different tutors and ghostwriters available in paid homework help services on Reddit, you can find many different price ranges and experience levels. While you should be careful not to be too frugal with your budget for paid homework services to preserve quality, you can sometimes find a good deal with an up-and-coming tutor.

· Vetted academics: In many of the paid homework help subreddits, the tutors and ghostwriters offering their services have developed a reliable reputation by completing past assignments within the subreddit, allowing users a degree of security in knowing that they’re dealing with a professional who is capable of completing assignments as requested.

· Discreet and plagiarism-free: One of the major benefits of using a paid homework service is that you are paying for original academic work that is plagiarism-free, which makes it a discreet way to get your homework done quickly and accurately.

There are many benefits to using paid homework services on Reddit, and there are plenty of homework help subreddits to choose from.

Is It Safe to Use a Paper Writing Service?

As long as you use a reputable paper writing service, you should be safe using a paper writing service. The papers that are turned in through these paper writing services are typically run through plagiarism checkers that ensure the work is original and won’t be tagged by other plagiarism checkers after the paper is turned in.
In the case of /HomeworkCentral, the paper writing service at Adam Huler guarantees that its papers are at least 90% original, which is the percentage of originality a paper needs to pass most plagiarism checking software. For any paper that is shown to have a lower percentage of originality than 90%, a full refund can be requested.
Since a refund isn’t much consolation if you get flagged for plagiarism in a university classroom, Adam Huler ensures that a paper is plagiarism-free by placing it through plagiarism checks before it ever gets returned to the buyer, ensuring the quality and originality before the paper gets turned in.

How to Choose the Best Paper Writing Service on Reddit

So, you’ve decided to use a paid homework help subreddit on Reddit. The next step is finding one that is trusted and reliable. But how do you choose the best paper writing service or academic tutor for your homework or project?
Here are a few things you can look at to help you determine whether a writing service is reputable:

· Profile age: When you’re looking for a tutor or a paid writing service for your homework, you should be sure to check for a Reddit profile or company website with a long-standing reputation and several years of experience. The age of a Redditor’s profile can give some indication of how long they’ve been doing paid homework or academic ghostwriting.

· Active profile: It’s also important for you to look for a profile or writing service that shows recent and prolific activity. You don’t want to invest in a homework help service that doesn’t show much activity because there’s a big chance you won’t connect with a writer in time to get your paper turned in.

· Writing samples: You should never pay for a homework or writing service from Reddit without getting access to a few writing samples so that you can judge the quality of the work you’re going to be getting for your money.

· Reviews from past customers: Looking through reviews from past customers is one of the best ways to see how well a writing service handles customer service, payment disputes, and other aspects of its business that may impact whether you want to work with them. Be sure to take negative reviews with a grain of salt unless they are prevalent but also pay attention to any repeat complaints.

· Security: It’s important to choose a writing service that goes out of its way to make sure that the work you receive for your money is original, high quality, and won’t be flagged for plagiarism. You’ll also want a writing service with a proven track record of strong communication during the writing process since being ghosted by a ghostwriter right before your academic paper is due is a student’s nightmare.

· Refunds: You shouldn’t trust any paid writing service that refuses to give refunds regardless of the cause. If a buyer has real issues with a paper they purchased, such as a failed plagiarism check or other quality issues, they should have access to a partial or full refund depending on the severity of the problem.

Before you commit to paying a writing service off Reddit to do your homework, make sure to do plenty of research so that you can choose a writing service with a strong reputation.

How Do You Pay for a Paper Writing Service from Reddit?

Paying for a writing service or homework help from Reddit is as simple as starting a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. Most digital homework help services accept PayPal because it provides secure, encrypted transactions.
To set up a PayPal account, you need to have a bank account number to connect to your PayPal account so that you can transfer money back and forth. Once you have a PayPal account set up, you can use your account to pay for any number of homework help or paper writing services.
While PayPal is the most popular way to pay for paper writing services on Reddit, some writing services also accept other digital forms of currency, such as the following:
· Bitcoin
· Dogecoin
· Ethereum
· Skrill
Once you have a PayPal account, you’ll be able to pay many different paid writing services on Reddit, including the ones at /HomeworkCentral.

What Do You Need to Request a Paper Writing Service?

If you’re planning on asking someone to write a paper or assignment for you on a homework help subreddit like /HomeworkCentral, you’ll need the following pieces of information:

· Type of task: When posting a request for homework help or a ghostwritten paper, you need to post what kind of work you’re looking for in specific detail, the type of citation style needed, whether research materials will be provided, etc. The more specific you are in your request, the more likely you are to find a good match for it.

· Deadline: You must put your deadline in any homework help request you post on Reddit to make sure that it gets the attention it needs in time for the help to be useful. If you know you’re going to be using a paper writing service, it’s a good idea to try to find a ghostwriter as early in the process as possible so that you have plenty of time to get in touch with them and answer any questions that might help them complete the project most effectively.

· Timezone: Posting your timezone is an important part of fulfilling a homework help request or request for a paper writing service because it helps you get matched up with a writer in a timezone that is compatible with yours. This can be much easier for communication if you need to pass messages back and forth with the writer.

· Academic level: You’ll need to know what academic level to specify when requesting a paper. For example, if you need an undergraduate college paper, you’ll be requesting a very different paper than if you’re trying to get a high school English paper written.

· How many pages: The number of pages your assignment is will typically dictate how much it will cost to have the paper written for you, though the cost is also dependent on how complicated the paper is, how many sources it needs, etc.

· Format and citation style: The ghostwriter you hire through a paid writing service will need to know the writing style your class is using and what citation style your teacher requires, such as APA or MLA citation.

· Topic: In many cases, you’ll need to specify the type of topic you want to have written about on your behalf, but in other cases, you can leave the topic choice up to the writer depending on their level of experience and the rules of the paid writing service.

· Additional materials: If you have any reading materials, necessary citations, or other supplemental materials that need to be included in the final writing project, these materials need to be passed on to the writer along with the assignment.

· Price range: You need to know what you’re willing to pay to get your work done for you before you post a request for homework help or a paid writing service. If a paid paper is out of your budget, you might want to try some of the other more generalized homework help subreddits.

Once you have the above information, you should be ready to post a request for homework help on Reddit.

What Additional Services Can You Buy Through a Paper Writing Service?

On top of the papers you can have written through a paper writing service, you can also choose to pay for additional services, such as:

· Source and citation lists: Having the source and citation list for your paid paper allows you to verify the sources and ensure that they’re up to the standard you want to present in your paper.

· Draft and Outline: In many cases, especially with university papers, students are required to turn in a rough draft and outline of their paper along with the finished product. The ghostwriter can often provide these materials for an additional fee.

· Plagiarism Report: You often have to pay extra for a copy of the plagiarism report that your paper was run through, and this plagiarism report should prove that the paper falls above 90% originality. Having this report can be useful in case you get accused of plagiarism by a professor since it can be used to prove the originality of the paper.

As you can see, many paid writing services on Reddit are one-stop shops for getting your academic work done in a timely fashion. While there is a little variation in quality between paid writing services and individual academic tutors, being meticulous about vetting paid writing services until you find one that is reputable is always a good idea.

How to Find Good Paper Ideas on Reddit

If you’d rather write your paper, you can still use Reddit to help you generate good ideas for your essays and research papers.
Here are some ways to use Reddit to help you write better papers:

· Join subreddits associated with your field of study: There are dozens of subreddits for any given academic subject, so join the ones that are associated with the subject you’re studying. These subreddits can be a treasure trove of obscure information about the topic you’re learning.

· Sort by “Top” and “All Time.” Sorting Reddit posts by these two filters will leave you with the cream of the crop in academic subreddits, and these posts often include large resource lists, links to tutorials, and other helpful materials that you wouldn’t be able to find in the shuffle otherwise.

· Keep a running list of interesting concepts. Browse the subreddits in your field of study and keep a list of interesting questions that people ask. Save discussions and threads that seem to have greater relevance in your field. You never know what information will spark a killer dissertation theory or essay.

If you’re trying to come up with original material, the cross-connections you can make when browsing different types of subreddits can help you come up with some excellent paper concepts.

Homework Help Subreddits Can Get You Out of a Bind

If you’ve put off writing a paper until the last few days before it’s due, employing a homework help subreddit or a paid writing service off Reddit can help you get your paper in by the deadline without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
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Earning with Cryptocurrencies: “Cointiply” The King of Faucet!

The Direct Faucet with the largest community in the category. Earning with cryptocurrencies is no longer a saying!
Cointiply immediately presents itself as a faucet site very rich in features and options. Perhaps one of the most complex of all. Thanks to it, you can earn with cryptocurrencies, accumulated through faucets and PTCs (advertising displays), in many different ways that we will explain extensively in the article.

If Coinpot, thanks to its faucets, ideally represents the famous expression of the crypto world "To The Moon", Cointiply is the undisputed king of faucet sites due to the very high number of subscribers.

Let's proceed with registration immediately by following the banner below. Rarely as in this case it is necessary to do it immediately as it would be difficult to follow the guide without being able to do it step by step.

After logging in, you will enter the Dashboard, which collects all the menus and submenus of the site.
Starting from the top, the total amount of cryptocurrencies earned with three different value measures will be shown on the right: Coins, Dollars and Bitcoin.

Just below you will see your nickname chosen when registering. Selecting it, a drop-down menu will appear showing the following items:

- Account Settings, where you can activate some functions offered by the site: enable annual interest when the balance exceeds 35000 Coins, allowing you to earn exponentially with the accumulated cryptocurrencies; receive notifications about new earning opportunities, share your profile with other users, change your nickname and enable 2-factor verification both with Google Authenticator and via email.

- Manage Premium, in this section it is possible to upgrade your account which will bring various benefits including the elimination of advertisements. In the event that you do not have the necessary funds, it is possible to participate in a drawing in which a Premium account will be raffled off by purchasing a ticket worth 340 Coins.

- Withdraw, thanks to which you can make the transfer of the crypto gudagnate. It is possible to choose between 2 different wallets: Bitcoin and DogeCoin. The minimum threshold for the Bitcoin wallet is 50,000 Coins while for the Dogecoin one it is 30,000 Coins. We remind you that once the 35000 Coins accumulated threshold is exceeded, the stock on the site will yield an interest of 5% per annum on the total balance, allowing you to further earn with your hard-earned cryptocurrencies.

- Help & Support, the inevitable help and in-depth section

- Logout, to exit the site

On the left is the main menu, also divided into various sections:

- Cointivity Profile, which shows your CointiPoints balance, your level and your current ranking. Just below, the Boosts you may have purchased and equipped and the consumables you have unlocked by leveling up are listed. We are talking about "Items" that can be obtained by opening the paid crates in the Inventory & Pods subsection. The list of content that you can fortunately receive is listed in the other subsections Item List and Collections. The last item in this section, Leaderboard, draws up the daily and historical ranking of the site's most active users.

- Earn Coins, refers to the Dashboard and lists all the ways to earn cryptocurrencies that the site makes available: surveys and tasks to be performed, the faucet, multiplayer, watch some videos, view the advertising pages, play some classic videogames, your referral URL and the 5% annual interest on accumulated funds we talked about above.

- Faucet, or Roll the Faucet, which can be performed every 60 minutes, which will reward you with a variable amount under the different bands visible on the right. Scrolling down you will see a series of links and information, which are repeated on the site, which we have already talked about almost fully. The most important is the keeping of the loyalty bonus which will grow by 1% per day until the 100% threshold is reached, but only if you make at least one daily claim.
- Settings, described at the beginning of the article

- Promos, where Coins Bonuses will be obtained thanks to promo codes for those who agree to receive notifications via browser.

- News, site news always updated!

- Help, the FAQ page. Everything is explained!

- Crypto Prices, the value and market trends of the main cryptocurrencies.

Before continuing, a brief explanation of the Dashboard, which at first glance would seem chaotic. In addition to the menu on the right, there is also one at the top next to the title that includes all the links, functions and opportunities to earn with the cryptocurrencies we have described. Its presence serves to optimize the usability of the mobile version of the site, identical in all respects to the desktop version, with the exception of the menus. In the center of the Dashboard page, broad visibility is given to the main offers and surveys made available on the site. Just below, the Earn Coins box with all the ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

It is right to spend a few more words for some of the aforementioned items:

- Offers, where you can accumulate Coins by completing surveys, viewing particular videos and much more. A section that guarantees great bonuses but obviously takes a long time. And polls aren't always successful.

- Roll the Faucet, described above.

- Multiplier, a nice game with dreamlike background music in which you can challenge your luck to get higher and higher amounts. Dedicated to those who love risk and betting and want to earn with cryptocurrencies obtained from faucets and PTCs.

- Videos, thanks to which it is possible to earn Coins simply by watching videos. Useful is the fact that the site shows a preview of the income that will be obtained and the videos that you will have to view.

- PTC Ads, a section where you are rewarded with Coins simply by visiting advertising web pages. Perhaps the most profitable option ever on the site taking into account the short time it takes to occupy.
You can also create advertising campaigns for your site and manage them directly from this section thanks to the numerous options offered.
The history of all the PTC Ads displayed is remarkable.
The FAQ section is very useful, the first case ever for this earning methodology, which explains how PTC Ads work.
Finally, thanks to Deposit Bitcoin, you can generate a wallet address to make deposits to be used in your advertising campaigns.

- Games, where by playing certain online games you will get Coins in exchange. Definitely to try sometime.

- Referrals, where you will find your unique referral URL, the details of all your subscribers and the total amount of cryptocurrencies that have earned you. You will get a 25% bonus on faucets and 10% on other offers / modalities

Finally, let's not forget the chat, which is very useful and very popular with users registered with Cointiply. The pink "Start Chatting" button to access it is not very visible and is located above the left menu.

Let us remember once again that the mobile version offers the exact same features as the desktop one. In these days the App version has also been released, to which we will dedicate a specific article!

If you still have doubts about this vast faucet site, or rather, would you like to give us some advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Making money with cryptocurrencies on Cointiply is possible!

See you soon for the next article.

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