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WafflePool is a multi-coin (scrypt) mining pool. Point your miner to WafflePool with a Bitcoin address as your username, and we take care of automatically mining the most profitable coin at all times, converting the earnings from each coin into Bitcoins, and paying you out in bitcoins! Mining alt-coins and converting to bitcoin is very often orders of magnitude more valuable than mining Bitcoin directly! No registration, no hassles, just point and start getting paid!

NiceHash - buy & sell hashing power

NiceHash offers you to buy or sell hashing power directly, no contracts, no limitations, pay-as-you-go if you're a buyer and be-paid-as-you-go if you're a seller. Why bother renting rigs, when you can rent hashing power? NiceHash brings more to renters and rig owners. Visit today! Simply create order and you are already mining your favorite coin or point your rig to our stratum server and you are already earning bitcoins.

GlobalBoost- A CryptoCurrency To Help Wounded Veterans

BSTY brings a completely new algorithm to the digital currency scene, and combines it with our real products, real company, and visible & accountable leadership. We aim to improve the acceptance of digital money, providing a safe & attractive investment using Yescrypt as our POW.

08-31 07:38 - 'I would appreciate if you explained how I'm wrong. I once wrote a Bitcoin miner (which connects to a stratum mining pool), and have dived quite deep into the math, data structures and algorithms behind Bitcoin, so I think I kn...' by /u/mort96 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 475-485min

I would appreciate if you explained how I'm wrong. I once wrote a Bitcoin miner (which connects to a stratum mining pool), and have dived quite deep into the math, data structures and algorithms behind Bitcoin, so I think I know what I'm talking about, but I'm always receptive to a well-reasoned explanation of how I'm wrong so that I can learn something new.
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BITCOIN PULLBACK OPPORTUNITY!! BCH MINER ATTACK! Stratum V2 - Programmer explains submitted by cryptocoingrowth to cryptocoingrowth [link] [comments]

Ivan on Tech - BITCOIN BIG PULLBACK!?! 🛑 BCH MINER ATTACK! Stratum V2 - Programmer explains

Ivan on Tech - BITCOIN BIG PULLBACK!?! 🛑 BCH MINER ATTACK! Stratum V2 - Programmer explains submitted by Yanlii to cryptovideos [link] [comments]

@gpuhot: 100TH + mining on $BTCV at x2 stratum. The additional x16 stratum didnt work out, so... Maybe time to up the block rewards from 100 to 400, x8? What do you say @bitcoin_v ? Any miners got an opinion?

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@gpuhot: @bitcoin_v Mine BTCV at x32 multiplier at mining pool! -a sha256 -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet.miner -p c=BTCV

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How does stratum protect against the miner finding a block and submitting it himself? /r/Bitcoin

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Why doesn't the stratum mining protocol allow miners in pool to vote for proposals? /r/Bitcoin

Why doesn't the stratum mining protocol allow miners in pool to vote for proposals? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

China is a threat to bitcoin?

I understand that 51% Attack is very costly and probably won't probably much financial incentive to the one who orchestrates it. I came across this blog post called How China can kill bitcoin and thought that the author does have quite a good point (despite the tone of the blog post). He argued that the top 4 Chinese mining pools alone represent more than 51% of the hashrate and if the Chinese government are to forcibly commandeer these top 4 mining pools (without having to buy new mining equipment) then they can easily orchestrate the 51% attack within an hour and a double-spend would have been successful.
A few questions:
  1. If this all is true, wouldn't you say that China is quite a big threat to the existence of bitcoin? Isn't this something we should be more worried about? (it seems that most of bitcoin community just assumed that no one will attempt the 51% attack and it has been debunked many times). I don't know what could be the incentives for China to do this (cracking down money laundering?) but does the fact that they could do this if they want to concern you?
  2. Will bitcoin mining be more decentralized (esp away from China) in the future? It seems that miners should go wherever there is cheap electricity, why haven't more countries jumped in?
  3. Can anyone comment about Stratum V2? Will it help address the problem by giving the control to miners o select their own transaction sets? When will it be ready?
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I am not really savvy in coding. So, the sequences of letters and numbers involved are driving me a bit crazy.
Here is what I have done:
Downloaded AwesomeMiner and as a wallet, I used Electrum. Surprisingly, when I check the bitcoin reddit, these two apps are not mentioned. Am I in the wrong track?
Now, in AM app, I used SHA-256 algorithm, BFGMiner(5.4.2), as as a pool, I used bsod mining pool.
BUT, this is what I got:
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] No devices detected!
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] Waiting for devices
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] Probing for an alive pool
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] Testing pool stratum+tcp://
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] No devices detected!
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] Waiting for devices
> [2020-10-16 20:18:53] Probing for an alive pool
Mining Engine Process started, PID: 10480
Even I understand that the mining is not working at all.
Just wondering what should I do now?

However, I check out some video on the bitcoin reddit, so I will start from there.

Any advices are welcome.
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AMA Bitcoin Mining / Stratum V2 — We are Braiins, the company behind Slush Pool and Stratum V2. We’re joined by Matt Corallo and Peter Todd. Ask us anything!

Hi Bitcoin! We are Jan Capek (u/janbraiins) and Pavel Moravec (u/p-m-o), co-founders of Braiins (the company behind Slush Pool & Braiins OS). We recently published the specification for Stratum V2 — a new mining protocol that improves the decentralization, security, and efficiency of Bitcoin mining.
We know the biggest issues miners and mining pools face based on our years of experience operating Slush Pool, and this protocol addresses those problems. You can find the documentation at
Matt Corallo (u/TheBlueMatt) will also participate in the AMA. He joined us in Prague last September to hash out the details of the spec and his idea of allowing miners to select their own work in BetterHash is also implemented in Stratum V2. Peter Todd (u/petertodd) also joined the V2 team with his security expertise and will participate in this AMA.
Ask us anything! We’ll try to begin answering questions on Thursday around 4pm CET (10am EST).
P.S. The V2 technical specification is currently available to the public for comments and general feedback.
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Question about mining centralization

In some bitcoin chats I discussed about bitcoin mining and its (de)centralization recently. Most of Bitcoin mining pools are located in china and the ASIC hardware comes from china aswell. I am interested in your opinion about this topic. Do you think this is a problem or don't? And why do you think so? I know that the new mining protocol "Stratum V2" brings some solution, but I am not sure how many miners use it
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More than 50% of Mining companies are based in China, your thoughts?

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Step by Step Guide to Starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC

Step by Step Guide to Starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC
In order to help our miners to get the best possible profits, now we present you the step by step guide to starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC. No time for hesitation, try Smart Mining now!
Smart mining consists of two different mining modes, namely as “Manual Switch” and “Auto Switch”.
Auto Switch provides an automated way of profitable mining using the designated algorithm to monitor the real-time status of possible returns. In comparison to manual switch, it’s more flexible and easier to keep tracking of your mining returns.
Enable Auto Switch
It now supports BTC、BCH and BSV, besides, your assets in your account can also be converted into BTC on an hourly basis automatically.
Before enabling auto switch mode, you’re required to configure smart mining URL: stratum+tcp://;
Enable Manual Switch
This supports Bitcoin pool (BTC, BCH, BSV, FCH) and Ethereum pool (ETH, ETC).
One-click switch address is different from the stratum URL for a specified coin. Details for one-click switch URL are listed as following: BTC/BCH/BSV/FCH: stratum+tcp:// ETH/ETC: stratum+tcp:// Noted: Port 25 or 443 is available as an alternative option.
Go to then click [Settings] from the drop-down menu on your right hand side.
Click [Switch mining pool] under the [Mining Settings] to select a new coin type.
Select “Mode” and “Coin Type”
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the unique feature of Auto Switch compares to Manual Switch? It’s more flexible and easy to set up, SHA-256 mining algorithm compatible.
How long will it take to be activated after enabling Auto Switch? Once Auto Switch is on, system will monitor the possible return rate of all compatible coins using a designated algorithm and switch to the one with higher profits, you may go to the Pool panel for more accurate mining status.
Why I can’t see my earnings increased after enabling Auto Switch mode? Auto Switch mode demands high-efficiency when it switch between the current mined coins to the new one with possible high returns, specified using designated algorithm and current difficulty, thus it’s not a guarantee pass for high returns when “Auto Switch” is on.
Is there any requirements of MIN. limit of hashrate before enabling Auto Switch? There is no minimum limit of hashrate in your account before enabling Auto Switch in your account.
Which type of coins are supported in Auto Switch mode? Currently all types of coins in Bitcoin Pool are supported in Auto Switch mode, including BTC, BCH and BSV.
When will the mining rewards distributed to my account? Rewards distribution are varies for different mining modes, and distribution time remained unchanged compares to the one in Manual Switch mode.
Can I use part of hashrate to mine a designated coin after enabling Auto Switch? After enabling Auto Switch, hashrate connecting to your account will switch from one to the other automatically using a designated algorithm.
Will I receive hashrate fluctuation notification after enabling Auto Switch? You’re required to set hashrate fluctuation notification for all compatible coins by the time enabling Auto Switch, more detailed guideline can be found here.
How to check your current mining preference?
Go to first then enter [Pool] panel to check your current mining preference.
When should I change my mining preference?
It is recommended to use profit calculator to get a general idea of the theoretical earnings outcome when selecting mining preference.
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[MINING] Can anyone help with this? "stratum_subscribe timed out ...retry after 10 seconds"

Hi everyone,
Just as a disclaimer for the beginning, I'm not investing in Bitcoin, I'm not doing this for any profit or reason, it's more for my own interest.
I'm trying to do some mining on my Raspberry Pi 3, and I have set up a wallet, got a pool account with Slush Pool, and installed or the libraries and software needed to run. As far as I am aware I have ran the right code. However, when I run it, I get this:
 ./cpuminer --algo sha256d --url stratum+tcp:// --user CENSORED --pass CENSORED ** cpuminer-multi 1.3.7 by [email protected] ** [2020-05-18 21:25:38] Starting Stratum on stratum+tcp:// [2020-05-18 21:25:38] 4 miner threads started, using 'sha256d' algorithm. [2020-05-18 21:26:08] stratum_subscribe timed out [2020-05-18 21:26:08] ...retry after 10 seconds [2020-05-18 21:26:48] stratum_subscribe timed out [2020-05-18 21:26:48] ...retry after 10 seconds [2020-05-18 21:27:28] stratum_subscribe timed out [2020-05-18 21:27:28] ...retry after 10 seconds [2020-05-18 21:28:08] stratum_subscribe timed out [2020-05-18 21:28:08] ...retry after 10 seconds [2020-05-18 21:28:48] stratum_subscribe timed out [2020-05-18 21:28:48] ...retry after 10 seconds 
Anyone have any idea on how to sort this out? Thanks
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r/Bitcoin recap - July 2019

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 31st monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
You can see recaps of the previous months on
A recap of Bitcoin in July 2019
Regulation & Politics
Archeology (Financial Incumbents)
Price & Trading
Fun & Other
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Increased Security Is Offered To Bitcoin Miners By A New Software Fix

Increased Security Is Offered To Bitcoin Miners By A New Software Fix

Increased Security Is Offered To Bitcoin Miners By A New Software Fix

“The importance of it is that it's the first real-life code or product using V2, so real bitcoin is being mined by using it," Braiins co-founder and co-CEO Pavel Moravec told CoinDesk.
The most amusing and worth doing thing is that if you want to mine the bitcoin, never do it alone rather, you must hook-up with all the other miners in bitcoin industry too and then you become able to regenerate or develop a fixed software because that is how it is going to become worthy for you.
But stii at times, issues are recognized in Stratum, this industry standard used to connect miners to pools since 2012. Braiins aims to fix them with Stratum V2.
Braiins co-founder and co-CEO Jan Capek stressed that miners gain security and efficiency in terms of bandwidth if they run the software.
This might seem like a meager consolation to miners, who have taken a hit to their paycheck since bitcoin's (BTC) price dipped. Not to mention that bitcoin's halving is approaching, which will cut their rewards in half. For the complete content read more here.
Looking to BUY, SELL, SEND, RECEIVE, SWAP and STORE Bitcoin or Cryptos? Visit our Sponsor BitcoinNYSC is P2P Crypto Wallet and Escrow website at to get $1,000 FREE deposit into your account using PROMO Code: ZAHR75-RDT
Looking for Job or Home Based Business? Tired of being non- productive? Apply to Become Home Based Financial Broker with an opportunity to make $3,000 to $12,000 USD$ average monthly income. Sign up now to and use the PROMO Code: ZAHR75-RDT
Thanks to our sponsor!
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Slush Pool Has Increased It’s Hash Rate Roughly 51% Since Early October

Slush Pool Has Increased It’s Hash Rate Roughly 51% Since Early October submitted by SeptimusSeven to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

F2Pool: "Someone hacked major mining operations and their stratum had been changed from antpool, viabtc, btctop to us. Our hashrate doubled instantly"

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How does the mining software "guess" the correct nonce?

I was giving a tutorial to my friend about how Bitcoin works and he had a few good questions I couldn't answer definitively.
I was explaining how a miner "guesses" randomly to solve a hash/puzzle. He is aware of how hashing works. I told him how the miner is trying to guess an input to get a desired output of a certain amount of leading zeros. Here are some scenarios he laid out and my answers to them. Was I correct?
Q1: If I'm a miner with multiple machines, why wouldn't I tell each machine to guess random numbers within a certain range, with each range being different? That way I don't waste time or energy potentially guessing a number I already tried.
A1: The amount of numbers to guess is infinite, even if one machine had a range of [1-100000000000], the other would have to guess between [100000000001-infinity], the amount of energy or time saved would be insignificant.
Q2: They could set a range for each machine that didn't go to infinity, so one machine could randomly guess from [1-9999], the second machine could guess [10000-19999], and when the first machine finished its first range, it could go to [20000-29999] and so on.
A2: When guessing from a range of numbers that stretch to infinity, the chances of guessing the same number twice are so small that it likely doesn't matter at all, and devoting even that little amount of power or memory to have the miners switch alternating sets is a worse trade off then potentially guessing an already guessed number.
Are my answers to the above scenarios correct? If not, why? And am I missing a fundamental of mining (for instance, we are assuming you can even edit the process in which a miner mines)?
I have already successfully answered two of his other scenarios:
Q: Why don't they guess linearly to avoid guessing a number twice?
A: Because if someone else is doing the same thing, but quicker, you guarantee you will never successfully mine a block.
Q: Why doesn't a miner with multiple machines keep track of which numbers are guessed and communicate that to all of his machines to avoid guessing the same number?
A: It would definitely take more resources to store and communicate that information than it would save to avoid guessing the same number twice.
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To Vitalik and other ETH Devs, GPU Miners need you and you need GPU Miners (PoW/ProgPoW)

This is directed towards u/nickjohnson, u/vbuterin, u/5chdn and other ETH Devs.

Edit: Proof of ProgPoW:
Initial testing is seeing 8.8-10.15mh/s on RX480 and 3.8-4mh/s on RX460. Will include write-up soon, Newest ETH-Miner release!

Let me start this by saying, I mined my first BTC before it was even $100 or well known. BTC Mined. That was my first foray into the PoW mining scene. I had a lot a fun doing so. I enjoy building computers, testing equipment, fixing problems. It's literally my everyday job as an IT Hardware Analyst for a company.

I had to put down my mining on GPU dreams due to ASICs overtaking the networks of both BTC and LTC. I gave up on crypto as a hobby. Why bother? I don't want an ASIC in my house. There's no fun in tuning an ASIC, cannot change out components, upgrade it, etc. Then in 2017 I heard a whisper of GPU mineable coin that was ASIC resistant. It was called Ethereum. It was posed to be the next "Apple" with great innovations. At first I was beset by previous failures of GPU mineable coins getting overtaken by ASICs. Eventually with some discussion to my friend we built our first GPU mining rig in June of 2017. I got into Ethereum by mining it.

Now ASICs run rampant through most of the top 100 Cryptocurrencies. The current outlook, regardless of the bear-market pricing, looks bleak. I want to appeal to Vitalik, Nick, and the other Ethereum developers. It was GPU miners you had in mind when you created the Ethereum network and not ASICs. Vitalik made the best effort of a ASIC-Resistant algorithm. It latest for years but it's a cat and mouse game. Continued development of ASIC-Resistant algorithms needs to continue, not fall by the wayside. u/AndLan u/ohgodagirl, Mr If, and others have poured non-paid work into ProgPoW and getting it working on the Ethereum network because they want to see Ethereum succeed.

ASICs are now on the network, ProgPoW is a solution, and we need YOU DEVELOPERS, To stand with US, THE MINERS! Together lets push Ethereum forward to #1!

The Developers and GPU Miners need a symbiotic relationship. GPU Miners are NOT against you! You should not be against us! We need to stand together to make Ethereum strong and succeed, not become Bitcoin, which as even in Ethereum's whitepaper you understood it became fairly centralized.
However, this mining algorithm is vulnerable to two forms of centralization. First, the mining ecosystem has come to be dominated by ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), computer chips designed for, and therefore thousands of times more efficient at, the specific task of Bitcoin mining. This means that Bitcoin mining is no longer a highly decentralized and egalitarian pursuit, requiring millions of dollars of capital to effectively participate in.

In regards to Centralization Mr If, made an excellent argument last Dev meeting, for ProgPoW which I shall reiterate/paraphrase here for everyone on Reddit.

PoW is geared towards industries of scale. This is why ASICs typically become the dominate force, because the ASIC manufactures have the capital, investment, and industry to produce them at a low cost. Thus they reap the PoW rewards. Hence why all PoW tends to go towards ASIC. They can decide to sell ASIC and recoup cost plus profit or keep mining with that equipment. Making ASICs egalitarian. ASIC manufactures decide, not the miner communities, what they do with the ASICs. You pay to play and you must be first.
ProgPoW takes the same approach but changes who the industry is, instead of Bitmain/Innosilicon it is AMD/Nvidia. These two companies are industrial level manufactures and have the ability to produce on a scale to support PoW(Just look at all the overstock of Nvidia 1000 GPUs). In this sense we are trading one(ASICs) for another (ASIC-GPUs). We as PoW miners must use Nvidia/AMD GPUs to support the network. Because it is the commodity hardware mass available to everyone. ASICs ARE NOT commodity hardware and ARE NOT mass available to everyone. Changing from Eth-hash to ProgPoW changes the players in the game and chooses the lesser two evils (AMD/Nvidia).

ProgPoW is not stricitly an Algorithm to replace Eth-hash but a has various "buttons" and "knobs" to tune. hence why its called Programmable! Ill let an Eth-miner Dev explain it...
-Andrea LanFranchi (EthMiner Dev)
ProgPoW is not strictly an Algo, it is a finite set of basic operations. ProgPoW is to be considered more of a process which creates variants of the algo every specified interval. Due to this there is no concept of ProgPoW as an immutable algo like Eth-hash. It tune-able and can dial various "knobs" that allow the creation of large number "definition sets" which again due to the deterministic randomness create an infinite number of algo changes.
ProgPoW creates a new search kernel every 50 blocks. Every 50 . blocks the gpu receives a completely new and different kernel from the previous which causes hashrate to change. In ProgPoW there is no fixed and constant hashrate for GPUs. You have to take into account averages across multiple periods to get the best out of the hardware. Variances are from 8-9%.

I personally supported the Network at $400, $180, $1400 and still support it now $100. I supported throughout the uncertainty of the Iceage and delays. Ethereum is still a PoW coin! ONE OF THE BEST! It's what made ethereum great! The project has excellent idea's of smart contracts and Dapps. On top of all is a massive GPU networking supporting it. Throughout 2017 there were no ASICs(That we know of) yet the ethereum network grew. What helped make Ethereum blossom was the miners and the mining community.

I am personally invested into Ethereum want to see it succeed, I'm personally invested in PoW GPU mining, and want to see it succeed. I will invest my own time and money, being a GPU miner, into seeing that ProgPoW testnet gets fully scrutinized, put through it's paces to ensure that it is a fit for Ethereum and minimize problems. I plead, beg, and invite all other GPU miners to do so. If we want change we as miners must show through hashpower on the testnet, that we are pushing forward with ProgPoW. Throw a single GPU, a Rig, whatever you can spare or muster for ProgPoW testnet.

I can and am more than willing to help anyone setup the necessary files, miners, etc needed to get mining on the test network.
Right now you can download the ProgPoW Miner(Updates are constant) And Ethermine is in full support.
Ethminer -P stratum://(ProgPoW Test Address)[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]):4444 -A progpow

Let's make a Decision together on ProgPoW. Miners are in majority support of ProgPoW and 100% support of kicking ASICs of the network(Look at Ethermine's twitter poll). GPU miners supported you, helped build your network, not investors, not ICOs. At the very heart of Ethereum beats the GPU. Operating that GPU is a typically an enthusiast, hobby miner, and a believer in Crypto.

*Edit:*PoW is the known best way to distribute token "fairly", yet everyone hates it and wants PoS? What happens when large ASIC manufacture and centralized parties mining with ASICs earn more tokens than anyone else? Wouldn't that lead to centralization in PoS? Ethereum is on PoW BECAUSE it needs it! And because Ethereum needs PoW, it needs GPU miners, and to stay decentralized to PoS and in PoS it needs to keep GPUs miners on board.

Vitalik, Nick, and others, a time-line needs to be set, ProgPoW needs to be in the Agenda continually, discussed throughly, until it's launched on the main network. I will personally come chat, debate ideas, with any of you! Civil discussions are important!

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Even if BIP101 was implemented today the average blocksize won't pass 2MB for another year.

BIP101 is an upper limit, miners can still decide how big they want blocks.
Ignore the trolls. Switch it ON!
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Does any government have any chance at stopping bitcoin ?

I'm new to bitcoin. I'm asking for any possible way a government could stop or make impossible to trade bitcoins . Any chances ? Thanks !
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Bitcoin Mining with FaucetHub  Earn free bitcoins - YouTube SLP128 Jan Čapek - Stratum v2 Bitcoin Mining Protocol How to mine Bitcoin - Using Linux BTC wallet and mining walkthrough - YouTube Ruben Recabarren - Hardening Stratum, the Bitcoin Pool Mining Protocol

Bitcoin Mining Guide with Bitmain Antminer S9; BTC Mining Settings; BTC Mining URL; Exchanges Supporting BTC ; Miners Supporting BTC; BTC Mining URL August 05, 2020 07:32; Updated; Follow. BTC mining URL includes two types: 1) General Mining URL: if you use general mining URL, it means the pool will allocate a mining url of a node that is most close to your miners, which can save ... Slush Pool is the 1st mining pool with more than 1.2M BTC mined since 2010. Explore features such as advanced payouts, monitoring and more. Das Stratum-Protokoll reduziert die Netzwerklast und verbessert die Leistung der Miner in langsameren und instabilen Netzwerken erheblich. Stratum-Pool-Software . Tabellen mit Unterstützung für Miner/Server für das Stratum-Mining-Protokoll: Mining-Software; Poolservers; Kritik Geschlossene Entwicklung Stratum Generator. Use this tool if you want to direct your hash-power to NiceHash through 3rd party miners, ASIC machines or some other mining software. Select the desired algorithm and your location. Stratum is a proposal for an open source client-server "overlay" protocol that enables thin clients. It is currently used by Electrum.While originally announced right before 2012, the protocol has not yet been completed and proposed as a BIP for standardisation.. Mining extensions

[index] [51358] [1631] [4488] [26233] [39480] [20078] [33720] [26662] [19214] [44271]

Bitcoin Mining with FaucetHub Earn free bitcoins - YouTube

Hallo zusammen, in diesem Video spreche ich über die Mining Zentralisierung beim Bitcoin und einer Lösung für dieses Problem. Viel Spaß! #Bitcoin #Mining #Zentralisierung Wenn du diesen Kanal ... FaucetHub bitcoin Cpu miner with Browser Visit Link : Using the power of your machine's CPU and your web-browser, you can mine FREE Bit... Bitcoin Mining Stratum V2 - Behind the scenes with Slush Pool's CEOs & Square Crypto's Matt Corallo - Duration: 27:13. Braiins / Slush Pool Recommended for you 27:13 Tutorial on setting up CUDA Miner to do stratum pool mining. [ LTC - LavieiwQxohbSVd5kJfLxei4LhdXM1zjuk ] [ BTC - 1GqDM6dyoXQapF7MUc1hS9hnCSoPBbTteL ] Link t... Jan Čapek, co-CEO of Braiins and working at Slush Pool joins me to talk about this an upgrade to a Bitcoin Mining protocol, Stratum. Stratum V2 is the next generation protocol for pooled mining ...